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How Nuxe gained agility to localise its marketing campaigns?

Nuxe, a pioneering brand in natural cosmetics, is present in more than 60 countries through its subsidiaries and distributors.


For its flagship products Huile Prodigieuse®, Rêve de Miel® lip balm and Crème Fraîche de Beauté®, the Brand room prepares a new communication campaign every month.

In total, more than 14,800 contents are localised and distributed every year.

For each campaign, the country marketing teams personalise images, videos, carousels and banners, before distributing them in paid media, social, e-retail and to their

Localisation takes too much time and money

It requires the intervention of graphic designers:

  • to translate a word

  • replace an image

  • adapt the size to customer specifications.

In the end, the personalisation of the last mile generates costs of several hundred thousand euros with local agencies... and above all local marketers do not have time to adapt all the content they would like.

visuel 1.png

To face these challenges, Nuxe selected Brandeploy, a headless collaborative creation platform. Graphic designers provide all of their digital content on the platform. Shared with countries, they can translate, resize and personalise all their contents themselves without graphic skills directly from the platform.


For 6 months, more than 2367 contents have been created by 25 users all over the world.

Content is adapted in 5 countries.


In addition, global teams can monitor the content used and ensure brand consistency in its international deployment.

visuel 2.png

In numbers


This is the time spent by local marketers adapting a content toolkit (vs. 2 weeks before).

144k €

This is the budget saved.


tache jaune.png
tache jaune.png

Time saving. 

Content is localised in minutes.


Cost reduction for a video from over 300€ to 9€.

tache jaune.png

A consistent brand image internationally.

Brandeploy allows us to easily and quickly adapt our digital assets locally while generating savings. In addition, the Brandeploy teams are constantly available to support us on a day-to-day basis as well as developing the platform according to our needs.  

David Dalsace, Brand Room Director, Nuxe Group

And you ? Are you spending too much time localising your campaign ?

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