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Content localization software

Localizing your content becomes child's play!


On a single platform, your teams create global content and let local teams adapt this content to the specificities of their country. No need for special skills: graphic designers have access to an advanced graphic editor while marketers have assistant access that helps them translate, resize, adapt the content made available by the creative teams.

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They already use our Content Localization Platform

Brandeploy, a SaaS tool to localize your content

Did you know ?


Content tailored to specific locations generates 6 times more engagement than content designed for a global audience.

More than half (52%) of users prefer purchasing from websites that provide content in their preferred language.

Localized campaigns result in 86% more clicks and conversions compared to campaigns that are only in English.

How can we help ?

With Brandeploy, your graphic designers create globally, from the platform, thanks to an advanced graphic editor.


Your marketing teams adapt locally, without graphic skills, thanks to a simplified interface.


Each country can resize, translate, adapt the content to the specificities of its market. You monitor the use and distribution of this content in each of your countries.

Are you ready to localize all your content more efficiently and quickly than ever before?

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How does our localization software work?




Graphic designers create your marketing content.

The central teams upload the content created globally in the platform.

Your local teams have access to content.

Your local markets access this content. Without graphic skills, they can use these contents.


Your local teams adapt and translate the videos.


Your local marketers adapt the content: they resize, adapt and translate the content from a template.


The contents are ready to be broadcast in your local markets.


Your teams can download content directly from the platform and use it in their country.


Monitor your content.

You can track where your content is localized, translated and used.



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Why choose Brandeploy to help you localize all your content?


Time saving

A software to localize all your content that simplifies creation and distribution. No more constant back and forth between graphic designer and marketers. Everyone collaborates on the same platform: graphic designers create, marketers adapt to local constraints to distribute all content.


Budget saving

A SaaS localization platform that saves you money: leverage and optimize the skills of each of your employees. Your local teams only have to adapt the texts, images or dimensions themselves, gaining in agility and serenity. And you spend less!


Brand image consistency

Our localization software integrates your content templates. Your users no longer change your brand image. They adapt the content that you make available without the risk of changing your charter.

Brandeploy allows us to easily and quickly adapt our digital assets locally while generating savings.

In addition, the Brandeploy teams are constantly available to support us on a day-to-day basis, as well as to develop the platform according to our needs.

David Dalsace, Brand Room Director, Nuxe

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Ready to create, automate and deploy content at scale ?

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