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Translate videos, images and articles in minutes

Your project manager's tearing their hair out—gathering text, sending it to translators, and integrating it into the right creative.


Brandeploy automates all these steps. Hope they're ready for longer lunches!


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Localize content with 

translation services

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localisation costs

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Monitor content worldwide

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Localize content with the best translation services

Need quality translation?


If you've got a preferred translation service, Brandeploy integrates them easily.

If you don't have one yet, select one of our partners, whose translations will adapt to your sector and style.

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Empower regions to adapt content to local needs

Is centralized content unsuited to regional constraints?


With our intuitive interface, local teams can customize texts, images and dimensions themselves ... without affecting brand quality or consistency.

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Reduce localization costs

Sick of paying extra to change just one word in a video?


No need for a graphic designer to get that done. Now, marketers can translate, resize and modify copy on their own.

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Monitor content worldwide

Is your content actually being deployed in other markets? Sometimes it's hard to tell.


With our custom dashboard, monitor which content has been localized ... and which hasn't. ;-) Rest easy in the knowledge that your international strategy is advancing as planned.

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