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How did Bayard reduce time by 80% to create its batch of 55 banners every month ?

The Bayard publishing company conducts 2 acquisition campaigns per month. The multiplication of touchpoints requires each campaign to be adapted in more than 55 formats within IAB constraints.

A stressful task and too many resources to mobilize.

Before, adapting a single original banner in several dozen formats took 5 days spread over two weeks.


This required many round trips to ensure compliance with CRM, display, social and website touchpoint specifications.


Bayard then called on freelancers to take charge of the production of all these variations.

bannieres 2 fond jaune.png

Thanks to Brandeploy content automation platform, Bayard was able to:


  • Create a full banner set in multiple formats adapted to each touchpoint.

  • Gain reactivity to answer last minute requests.

  • Save money by internalising content production.


And all this while saving time!

bannieres 1 fond jaune.png

In numbers


Time reduction to produce a 55-banner set.


Budget reduction, amounting to more than tens of thousands of euros a year

tache jaune.png
tache jaune.png


Save time and resources

Gain agility in marketing content management

Autonomous, I feel much more serene!

Nassima, Digital Production Manager, Bayard

I divided my budget by two thirds.

Laure, Marketing Production Manager, Bayard

What about you. Do you want to optimize banner creation process?

Contact us !

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