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—   We empower your way of create and manage content

You can ask Brandeploy to be your

Or you can just ask for all of these !

With Brandeploy, you can finally ask for more to your content.

—   We help you get the best of your content.

One platform,
many ways to use it. 


Struggling to get global content that fits all the constraints of your local touchpoints? Brandeploy allows your teams to adapt your content while respecting brand identity: these are the best to adapt perfectly to the specificities of their markets.

Picto_Easy Translation.png

Brandeploy allows you to simplify your translation processes for your marketing video content. The platform adapts to your ways of doing things (agency, google translation, internally)

Pictos_Plan de travail 1-06.png

With Brandeploy, you easily manage the creation of all your assets. The platform adapts to the skills and objectives of each of your employees. Graphic designers have access to a professional graphical interface to create all your content. While marketers can easily manage texts, claims or slight edits from a streamlined editor.


Brandeploy helps your franchisees post on social media. Create from predefined templates that respect your corporate identity and style guide. From the same platform, you can produce, post and even sponsor a publication on social media that reflects your brand.


Sometimes you create a banner and have to do it in many, many... many different formats. Brandeploy allows you to create and export in one click one banner in as many formats as you want. It takes only a few seconds !


Editing or translating a video can be a tedious and expensive job. Brandeploy makes it easy for you: you can easily work on all your video content frame by frame and easily translate all the text elements that are integrated into it.

See how Brandeploy can empower your content way-of-use.

Ask for a personalized demo according to your needs

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