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How do Au Bureau franchises publish more on social networks in compliance with the brand charter?

The Au Bureau restaurant chain has more than 170 franchises located throughout France. They regularly organise karaoke, happy hour or sports broadcasting events, which they share to their local community on social networks. But...

No time locally...


Employees do not necessarily have time to post regularly or are not comfortable with social networks.

Brand guidelines are not always respected.

Sometimes low quality content is published with different fonts, colours and images or without image copyrights..  

rond jaune mac instagram.png

Thanks to predefined templates, the Brandeploy platform enables franchises to easily

  • create posts in compliance with the brand charter

  • schedule publications in a few clicks

  • sponsor posts to reach a more targeted audience


And just using their mobile app !


This way, Au Bureau franchises save time publishing on social networks with improved brand consistency.

rond jaune iphone instagram.png

En chiffre


of restaurants publish on social networks.


the number of restaurants active (30% previously)


Image de Luca Bravo

Gain brand image consistency

Bar sportif

Make employees more autonomous on social networks

Déjeuner avec bière

Reactivity, solution value and platform evolutions to our needs are Brandeploy key success factors.

Thomas B., Local Marketing Manager, Groupe Bertrand

What about you? Do your local point of sales publish on brand guidelines?

Contact us !

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